About Us


Hi, I'm Judy Nudesome, or at least that is how I will introduce myself to you. Besides that simple fact, the rest of this blog is totally real, no exaggerations. I have a really hard time exaggerating. In fact, my husband Jack will tell you that I can ruin a story by correcting him mid-sentence. We are a very traditional family with Christian and conservative values, and I would probably best fit the role of a 50s housewife. 

The purpose of this blog is to document how an average, happily married couple with conservative values came to dabble in the life of nudism.  We have just begun our journey....hence the name 'Nudesome'.  Not always, just sometimes.  We hope you enjoy our peregrinations and that you may just take a chance as well.


I've written this about 3 times. But, basically, I'm in my late 30's, a father of 3 and married to the most beautiful woman in the world.  We met by fate and after almost 20 years together we are more committed to each other than ever.  I am pretty traditional, religious and curious.  Our site reflects the ups and downs, the challenges and joys of our nude journey - a journey we hope never ends.  

Enjoy our peregrination!