“Positive Vibrations” – Our Naked Days in Jamaica


The Experience

We were surrounded by penises of all shapes and sizes. Some circumcisized, some not.  Some long, some short.  There were sagging breasts, big breasts, small breasts, big nipples, small nipples.  Some people had a big ass, some were cute and perky.  Some asses sagged, some were flat, some were nice and round.  Some people had scars in typically private places, some people had tattoos and some were hairy and many were shaved.  There were vaginas of different shapes.  Some were manicured, some were waxed and some weren't either.

At least, I think.  I don't really remember.  I remember the sweet German lady who gave me her morning coffee recipe to wake me up in the morning.  I remember the nice lady who gave us restaurant recommendations in the lobby then played on the same nude volleyball team.  She ended up leaving her deck of plastic playing cards with me because I thought they were so cool.  I remember, who would later become our new nude friends, the Canadians.  They were in their late 30's like us and invited us for a nude day with them at their hotel.  I remember the extremely interesting couple from New York who owns their own theatre and acts in their own plays.  They ended up being the ring leader for our nudescapades later that evening as our group of new nude friends bounced from hot tub to hot tub drinking Champagne all night.

The damndest thing is that all of this happened in the nude and I couldn't tell you who shaved their vagina or who had the flabbiest ass.  It just didn't click.  I just didn't judge.  It didn't matter.  We had an unbelievable few days.  We enjoyed the company of everyone we met without pretension and without judgement.  We got to know people for who they are.  There was no posturing or positioning in the social structure.  When I think back to all the wonderful people that we met, I can't picture what their parts looked like. Not that it mattered, but never going nude to this extent for this long and spending so much time with these people, I thought I might remember, but I don't and that's awesome.  They probably don't remember what my parts looked like either.  At the time it is absolutely 100% a non-issue.  Only reflecting back writing this fully clothed does it seem crazy that what I remember are their wonderful personalities.  It was the greatest, most liberating, confidence building social experiment I've been apart of.  It was not long, but 3 full days of being naked for most of the day with dozens of other people.  I was SOLD! I want to do this every day!!!

About Couples Sans Souci:

Couples Sans Souci (CSS) is an absolutely beautiful resort.  It is not a nudist hotel.  The restaurant, the beach and most pools are textile.  The grounds are perfectly manicured.  The atmosphere, especially at breakfast is wonderful.  There was a violinist playing as we stumbled in to the restaurant every morning - so peaceful.  The food is good throughout the hotel.  The beach is average.  We prefer natural looking beaches to imported white sand beaches, so it was no big deal to us.

We had an excellent meal at Casanova an onsite restaurant that perfectly sets the mood in the evening.  We sat outside on the most perfect of nights.  We split a bottle of wine and discussed all the days' activities.  You must make reservations for dinner, but it is well worth it.

The rooms are bit dated.  Rumor has it that they are about to start renovations on the rooms.  We did, however, sit outside in the buff one night on our balcony just because we could. It was pretty private and overlooked the ocean.  I think just because we had spent all day nakedand had a few drinks that we just flat didn't care.  There are a lot of stairs around the grounds.  It might be too much for some, but we really enjoyed all of the nooks and crannies.

There was evening entertainment every night that was a little lame for us.  If we were about 15-20 years older it might be nice.  It was a little bit of a throw back to old school resorts.  My one bit of advice:  If they are going to cater to a younger generation, they really need to up the type of entertainment and the music.  This is a freebee:  naked beach party with a DJ.  Doesn't have to DJ Lil' Wayne, but something a little more legit than Village People.

The spa is so great.  I go into detail in another blog, but we got a couple's massage that was beyond comparison.

Most importantly, the people that work there are fantastic. Employeesare extremely accommodating, friendly and all have great attitudes.  Kudos to the management on their training and hiring.

Finally, there is this wonderful place that is connected to the hotel called Sunset Beach (SSB).  It is a 3 minute easy walk from anywhere in the hotel.  Sunset Beach is a nudist paradise.  When you walk behind the wooden fence you are home.  Sunset beach is not just a nude beach.  It is where most of the hotel hangs out. This large area is nude only.  There is no topless, no maybe I'll take my clothes off later.  Your ass better walk in there and take all of your clothes off.  It's the great equalizer.  It doesn't matter if you have a scar or are on your period - "Au Natural" or nothing.  Judy, actually preferred it that way.  This way there are no gawkers, no one feels uncomfortable.  This is why it's such a great place to begin or try nudism.  At Sunset Beach there is a full bar, a big swimming pool and plenty of loungers on the beach.  They serve lunch every day.  You can truly pick your experience.

Whether you are a first timer, which we met one couple who was, or an experienced nudist, this is such a great place.  It is the way naturism should be.  There was not one sexual comment made.  There was no one talking about other people or their body.  The focus is on enjoying yourself the way God intended.  It was pure.  Good food, great atmosphere and unbelievable people.  Everyone wants the same thing you do - to relax, enjoy the sun and spend some quality time together.


We had had our first naturism experience, and it was fun, but I was secretly happy to be back in our old routine. However, Jack was back at it and looking for another opportunity. I just wasn’t sure about all of this. I felt like I was having a secret life, and that was probably the most pressure. I didn’t like to hide things or be dishonest in any way.

Jack decided on a Couples resort in Jamaica. Jamaica had never been on my bucket list. I had the idea that we would be walking down dusty roads in a haze while dreadlocked men offered us joints. I wasn’t totally excited, but I was glad to get away with Jack. I knew he was antsy to try naturism again, and I knew that this time, it would be more of a commitment than just a day trip.

When we arrived, it was a beautiful, lush and colonial resort and we were basically handed some jerk chicken upon arrival. Great first impression! The hotel had two beaches: one was a normal resort beach for the traditional clientele and the other was for naturists.  We were going to be naturists this trip. We settled in and gathered our things to head to Sunset Beach and I definitely got the nervous feeling again as people watched us head in that direction.

It is amazing that once you take your clothes off on the inside of the fence, you can settle in quickly. This beach was definitely the best part of the resort. The layout was great; a lounging beach area to the right with a swimming area roped off. A fresh water river emptied into the ocean right on the edge of the swimming area, so you could get a freezing rush or a warm bath. The pool, bathroom, bar and restaurant were to the left and set a little higher than the beach. People were relaxed and enjoying every aspect of their surroundings. It was not a spring break beach party, but it was not a library, either. We kept to ourselves a bit at first but made our way to the pool bar and quickly made eye contact with some couples our age. This would never happen to us at another resort, but the couples made it over to the bar and we all started comparing drinks, lives, experiences and had a great conversation. It was sooooo easy. There may have been a few jitters and a little fidgeting on my part, but when you’re naked, there is not much to fidget with. You better own it and wear it. By the end of the day, we were ambassadors of the place, inviting others to join our group and acting like we did this all of the time.

We met up with some couples for dinner at the gala, fully clothed, and watched as the hotel staff led guests in an on-stage dance full of bending over, thrusting and twirking.  We were all shocked to see how the nude side of the resort was NO WHERE NEAR as sexually charged as this. It was embarrassing to watch and we were all ready to head back to Sunset Beach. So we did, in our gala apparel. Once there, we decided to strip down and get in the hot tub. We did (kind of) know that there was no nudity at Sunset Beach after 5:00 p.m., but we (I) just jumped in to see what would happen. I don’t know how I can so quickly acclimate to the naturist life. I mean, this was our first day!

It wasn’t long before we were kicked out of the hot tub. We got dressed and found a more secluded hot tub, and repeated our activities. This time, a nice bar tender brought us champagne and helped us keep our secret. We had a great time getting to know these couples, making jokes and memories. No one, in any way, made any sexual passes or advances in this group. We all went our merry and "married" way at the end of the night and had no regrets.

The following days were just as social, with new faces and new conversations. Everyone we met was very friendly and interesting. The common thread was that they all tried to get their “fix” a couple times a year. Naturism was good for the soul and the best reset button for these folks.

I left Couples Sans Souci feeling more committed to this lifestyle. We really experienced a vacation where we spent about 75% of the time nude. It was a great time and we talked about our next vacation on the flight back home. We were hooked and ready to book.



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