Our First Naked Summer

As the summer was approaching Judy and I were getting excited about the warm weather and all of our little trips that we had planned. It was going to be a summer of long weekends where we would spend enjoying the sun, each other, and meet some new friends in the nude. We had come off of some exceptional naked experiences in Miami and Jamaica and met some great people along the way. It was warming up outside. Our swimming pool looked inviting. We were ready for a full blown naked summer. We had a long nude weekend out of the country planned, as well as some textile trips where we were planning to sneak off and get some naked time in.

This summer our idealism and overall optimism about the purity of nudism was crushed. Our journey took us down the completely wrong path. We were almost to the point of returning to the “normal” life. Ironically, Judy brought us back. She saw past our less than tasteful experiences this summer and we emerged with much more clarity on the lifestyle we want. I was the one that introduced us to not being ashamed of our bodies, but she really naturalized it and opened the path up for our journey forward.

What we learned this summer is that not all nudists are a like. Even though nudism may seem normal to you, it is not the norm for everyone around. It can also get weird if you’re the only one wanting to get naked. It was more apparent than ever this summer the lack of body confidence women have and that the answer is to spend some non judgmental time being socially nude. It really does a body and a mind good.

This is not a trip report, but solely brief reports on the lessons learned from each experience

Early Summer, Camping Trip:

We rented a cabin with a hot tub. Judy and I spent every waking moment in the cabin in the nude just because we could. It was pointless to get dressed. We could hook up, hang out, fix a drink or get in the amazing hot tub and enjoy the view from our back porch whenever we wanted.

We went hiking in search of an elusive waterfall that only happens seasonally. Our plan was to skinny dip at the bottom of it once we found it. Along the way we met a nice younger couple who happened to be searching for the same waterfall. Throughout our hike, I was dropping hints about swimming at the bottom of it. Judy could tell what I was doing, but later said that I was probably creeping them out. I didn’t know why.  After all, Judy and I went skinny dipping in our 20’s, so I thought, “what’s the big deal?”. Upon finding the waterfall, I was the only one getting naked. Our friends we spent the last 2 hours with searching for this waterfall totally bolted on us. I mean disappeared into thin air. They definitely got creeped out by a naked guy in his late 30’s. Oh well, their loss.

Mexico: Desire Pearl

Desire Pearl was supposed to be 80% naturists and 20% lifestyle (swinger) so we figured we’d take the chance. After all, we would way out number the lifestylers. They probably would just go back to their rooms with each other and would be out of sight. We didn’t get caught up in the lifestyle, but we did get caught up in the sexual atmosphere. It was mostly fun, but it did get a little edgy at times. At the hot tub, on the dance floor and in the side room off of the dance floor there was a lot to see. We weren’t necessarily passive observers either. We participated.

During our stay we met some really nice people, ate some great food and enjoyed the sunrises in the buff while drinking a cup of coffee, but when all was said and done, we didn’t meet any genuine nudists. 80% of the people there were looking for another couple partner. Once they found out we weren’t in the lifestyle, the conversation quickly came to an end. We were in the way. Curiously, most women wore bottoms, many see through or micro bikini bottoms. It left just enough to the imagination to sexualize what was being covered. We soon realized that was the point. We left not feeling good about our experience.

Our expectation was to have a little more sensual experience in order to enhance our relationship, but we found ourselves in the middle of a culture of men and women sizing up whether you were going to be their next partner. We had some good experiences there, but when all was said and done we felt a little duped. Pearl was promoted as a more naturist resort. We felt that it was a swinger resort looking for new blood, so they target naturist couples with the hope of converting them. In fairness to Pearl, we would go back. We had one expectation and experienced something different – a good lesson learned for any vacation.  Next time, we would stay out of the hot tub, not really make any overt attempts to socialize, mess around when and where we wanted to and just hang out together. There is plenty to do for a nudist couple in a textile world needing a long weekend together. This was not the last time we fell for  the ole “nudist lifestyle really means swinger lifestyle” trick. It had to get even dirtier for us to realize it.

Mid Summer, Las Vegas:

The only place to get socially naked in Las Vegas is One Love Temple at Sea Mountain Inn. The pictures online made it look like a zen oasis with several pools, hot tub, buddha statues, yoga and mediation area. When we arrived,  we were assured that “lifestyle” just meant nude lifestyle. After trying out different pools, we settled in the main pool where most of the partying was happening. People were very outgoing in the main pool. We also spent some time in the mineral pool. It was a very relaxing setting in this mineral pool. There was a very nice couple we talked to and some younger adults relaxing in the adjoining hot tub. After leaving the restroom, Judy and I had to make a decision where we were going to land. I could tell that she wanted to return to the mineral pool, but I was too attracted to the party. This mentality of mine has gotten us into some precarious situations as nudists. After a few hours and a few shots, the pool was buzzing with couples socializing, embracing and occasionally touching each other. It was a pretty fun and exciting moment. Then the line got crossed. The next hour was filled with wife and husband swapping on the side of the pool, an orgy on the bed outside of the bathroom, a couple 20 years our senior who tried to move in us and an old man who claimed to have to shit but wouldn’t get out of the pool.

We were ready to leave.

We knew at this moment we were on the wrong path. The people were nice, but I felt sick. I knew I’d betrayed the original intention and stained the sanctity of pure nudism.

Little did we know in that same trip we were about to experience a little spark that would give us some optimism and remind us of the benefits of nudism.

When we returned to our textile friends at the hotel, they had rented a suite at a topless pool. The guys had thought it was a good idea as it would give them the opportunity to see some titties. Then, maybe, their wives would partake and they could see each other’s wives titties. We were not super excited about the motivation, but Judy was going to use it as an opportunity to show that titties were no big deal and it’s ok to have natural boobs. When it came down to the women dropping their top, Judy was perfectly comfortable, one friend was too drunk to care and the other one, who has a boob job herself, was so self conscious that she refused. She also took it upon herself to criticize the boobs of all of the other topless women.

We were reminded of two key improvements nudism has helped foster in us. First, I wasn’t drooling to see other women’s boobs as a form of sexual pleasure. When I see women topless now, I am proud that I am part of a culture that allows a woman to be a woman without being sexualized at every turn. Nudists should provide the safest and most secure atmosphere for women. Secondly, we were reminded how ugly, mean and judgmental nice people can be when they are ignorant, self conscious and not happy with themselves. Time spent naked quickly rejuvenates the confidence. It reminds us that we are all the same, yet different, and we are proud of that.  It was a sad experience for a friend, but one that reminded us of why we get naked in the first place.


Pool Party:

After returning from Vegas we were at an all time low. I was disappointed in my recent decisions about our travel plans. I felt that I let Judy down and less confident about the optimism and utopian lifestyle that I told myself was out there. Judy, confidently, lectured me that these events are just lessons learned and to not dwell on it. “Get over it”, she said. We know now what we want and what we don’t want. I told her she’s planning the vacations from here on out. I was obviously being a baby and I needed to man up. After about two weeks of sulking, she finally got it through my thick skull to “get back in the saddle”. So I did. We joined a young nudist group about 2 hours away that was a member of AANR and went to one of their pool parties. We absolutely had a blast! We met all kinds of people our age and had excellent conversations. At this moment a new idea and lifestyle design came to light.

We could actually have nudist friends that we could hang out with more than once or once a year at a reunion vacation. What a concept!!

Young Nudist Weekend:

So, we signed up for the next young nudist event, which was a weekend camping trip full of games and hanging out. A month after the pool party we reunited with the people we met and spent the weekend with them relaxing in the sauna, playing pool volleyball, running a 5k and many more exciting events all in the nude. We kind of forgot we were nude, but we enjoyed a weekend where we didn’t even have to think about clothes. The most taboo thing that was very normal at our nudist club was the act of guys and girls all showering together. It was stupid not to. Everyone needed to shower. Everyone was already naked. Everyone just took turns in the evening taking a shower. It was one the most normal, natural and practical acts that would be extremely taboo in a textile environment.

We were back!!! It took going down a dark path to an area where we believed violated the goals and ideas that we have for our physical, mental and relationship health. I have to admit even though I shouldn’t judge the swinger lifestyle, I do. I guess I’m not perfect. I know where it took Judy and me and we don’t want to go back. We now have a clear intention of where we are going, of what we want and we are more excited than ever to continue our peregrination.


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