How Your Naked Body Can Save the World

Yes, that’s right.  Getting naked and being with other people preserves our world and God’s noblest work – the human body.  I’m going to attempt to convince you to get outside of your cultural paradigm and throw everything that you’ve been taught, shamed for and told was wrong or inappropriate out the window. Our culture has made us the dominant animal on earth, but we’ve become more ruthless, more destructive, more stressed and more perverted.  We are the only animal that intentionally destroys the ecosystem in which it lives. 

The good news is all it takes is about 10 seconds to change our path and influence others.  Start at home, then find a club or a beach to get naked in public, then find a group and hang out with them.  If you get really brave, invite someone.   Here are a few monumental things that will happen to you, the people you influence and, little by little, the world if we all spent a little time together in the nude. 

First, were we all nudists, we would start valuing each other for who we are.  We would not be reduced to or judged on how good we look in a bikini or with our shirt off.  We would be real.  We would be unique.  We would be accepting.  We would relinquish the stress of unrealistically trying to attain a certain body figure or certain body type which is not our own.  Pope John Paul II wrote, “What is truly immodest in dress is which contributes to the deliberate displacement of the true value of the person by sexual values, that which is bound to elicit … sexual enjoyment and not a possible object of love by reason of his or her personal value”. “Immodesty is present only when nakedness plays a negative role with regard to the value of the person”.  “There are … situations in which total nudity… is not immodest”.  Even the Pope acknowledges that in many situations it is more modest to be naked than to be clothed and that clothes can sexualize a person or situation. Nudity in its purity puts the value of the whole person as priority.  We sexualize what we hide.  By not hiding anymore we can focus on who we are.  Some of our best conversations have been with fellow naked people.  You aren’t developing prejudices based on their clothes, their job, their social status.  By not hiding your skin, we realize that nobody is perfect, but yet, we’re all perfect. We’re all different, yet we’re all unique.  We’re all ourselves – unashamedly, undeniably and confidently ourselves.  

We obsess over getting naked.  We should approach it with much more casualness and not so much morality.  Jesus was naked at some of the most significant moments of his life – his birth, his baptism, his crucifixion and his resurrection (well, he left his clothes behind in the tomb).  Christians used to get baptized in the nude.  It was a form of expressing our return to spiritual purity.  Fishermen used to fish in the nude.  Spartan men and women exercised and participated in processions in the nude.  The Greeks competed in sport in the nude.  The Japanese spent time socializing in the nude in the public baths.  The Scandinavians developed a whole spa culture around social nudity.  Somewhere along the way we became impractical prudist moralists.  

Second, we would kill the porn industry.  How great is that!! Our curiosities are satisfied.  The  way we obliterate the porn industry is to fight it with nudity, but with nudity that respects the body, the whole body – with nudity that respects the person and or persons.  Pope John Paul II is quoted as saying, “Pornography is evil not because it shows too much of a person, but because it shows too little of a person”.  We should not let porn be the only way people see nudity.  Pornography is artificial.  Human interaction, relationships and love is all distorted through pornography.  The human without clothes is a manifestation of God’s purity and creation.  We can embrace it.  It is one of the many gifts from him.  Normalizing public and social nudity will eliminate its perversion and that’s great news for our children as they grow up, all peoples in a relationship and your friendships.  

Third, we would embrace nudity in art without embarrassment or uneasiness.  Nude art will no longer be associated with pornography. Pope Bendict XVI says “Artists are the custodians of beauty”.  We must fight against the culture that perverts and distorts the body.  “We have the special responsibility to reclaim the body as God’s creation and to show the dignity of the entire person through the human form of artwork. “  We no longer have to equate nudity with sex or porn.  It is just the body that was given to us by God being respected and not objectified.  We now understand, recognize and appreciate Michelangelo’s masterpiece painted on the ceiling of the Sistene Chapel.  We are at our purest, our truest, when we are naked.  


Fourth, the more we go nude the more we help preserve the environment on our planet. The obvious results are we will buy less clothes, we use less clothes, we  will wash less clothes, we will buy less detergent and use less water.  But something happens when we start to evaluate the illegitimacy of the social norms of our culture.  We also become more conscious of the things we buy out of vanity, like make up, beard dye or boob jobs.  We, then, become outwardly conscious and possibly a little angry at how much propaganda is being forced on us.  A huge part of a nudist culture is to focus on what is necessary, embracing nature and focusing on the person as a whole and not what they look like, what they wear or what kind of job they have.  Everyone becomes a unique and beautiful person.  Our world and environment then becomes viewed through this lens. Consciousness for preservation, beauty and love come to the forefront of values.  Again, you become conscious of preserving the gifts of this earth given to you by our Creator.

Fifth,  we stop treating our bodies so bad.  Even though it’s not perfect, it’s ours and we will appreciate our scars, our imperfections, our uniqueness and our health.  We become more conscious about how we fuel it.  We become more conscious of our food sources and the conditions in which its grown.  We are no longer artificial. We stop allowing chemical substances to be justified as food.  This may hurt chemical companies, pesticide companies, food companies, but they will adapt.  

With the priority on our health, we become more active.  There is nothing better than being nude outdoors.  Naked, we have a certain natural connection to the outdoors.  Try it!  We mentally de-stress and physically become more active.  That’s an addiction I can handle. 


We will be doing what is good for our health, our earth, and each other.  Embracing time in  our own skin is proven to improve mood and confidence.  It symbolizes our innocence before the fall, it returns us to our baptismal purity.  Being naked reminds us that we are one with the Earth, not the sum of our earthly goods.   The Christian writer, Jim C. Cunningham argues, ” God made nothing more beautiful and dignified than the human body, which He especially designed in His Own image and likeness”.  “To love chastely and to admire the naked body is to contemplate God. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God”.    

If we could rid the world of moralistic judgement, appreciate the human body in art, rid the world of porn, preserve our environment and improve our physical and mental health we would live in a world where people were priority.  

We must take action in our own small groups.   This is our top priority and responsibility.  Don’t just read this.  Participate.  The toughest part is taking the first step.  If it’s not what we say it is, don’t ever do it again.  We’ve never met anyone who has tried it one time and ever gone back.  You are about enter the happiest, freest, most inhibited time of your life. 

Get started on your own peregrination!

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