5 Hacks for a Nudie Couple in a Textile World

Now that we've figured out how much fun it is to be naked with each other we started realizing that we wanted to get naked more and more during our normal, regular lives, not just while we were on vacation.  We don't have naturist friends, or at least none close.  We have work, school and extra curricular activities for the kids, but what about us?  We can't spend all day in the nude like we want to.  Life just doesn't work that way for us.

So, we've come up with 5 hacks to get your nude fix in that fits into the average everyday life of a desiring nudist couple that lives in a textile world.

Do Nude Yoga

Don't do it just once.  We start every day off with 10-20 minutes of nude yoga TOGETHER.  We use the app Yoga Studio.  We purchased it for $.99 and while there are some paid stuff on there, the free classes addresses our back issues and sync's us in the morning.  Inevitably, we'll sit on our mats in the morning and talk.  Yes, we have to get up about 30 minutes earlier than normal, but it's worth it.  I promise you'll want to wake up earlier to do nude yoga with your partner.  Other than improved communication, nude yoga has made us more comfortable with each other naked.  You get in some pretty twisted positions that might traditionally not be flattering.  After doing the same moves every time you become more comfortable with your body in that position as well as seeing your partner in that position i.e, "happy baby" or "knees to chest".  The more comfortable you are the more you'll want to do it. 


Nude Day

We call it Nudie Tuesday.  Nudie Tuesday's are sacred at our house.  We make sure that we do not schedule anything that will interfere with lunch time on Tuesday.  There is nothing on the work schedule and nothing on the home schedule for this time.  Every Tuesday we have lunch together in the nude.  On nice days we'll sit outside. On not so nice days we'll sit inside by the fire or just in our house.  On a nice day, we may walk around together to check on our animals, water the gardens or just lay out and get some sun.  It's not long, but 50 minutes together in the nude once a week gives us something to look forward to.  

Sleep Naked

Not only is it fun, but many times it leads to other things.  On a side note, getting naked more frequently does lead to more sex.  Not that nudity is always sexual, but when the booty starts shaking Jack starts quaking....huh?  Anyways, there are so many studies that show that sleeping naked is good for your health.  It cools your body down. It frees you from all the things that bind you all day long like bras and underwear.  Your parts were not made to be bound up all day.  If so, the testicles would be inside the body, not on the outside where it needs to cool down, vaginas wouldn't get yeast infections and babies would suck on a momma's thumb instead of her breast.  So, come on!!  Stop sleeping with your clothes on. Also, skin on skin touch is also good for your mental well being and happiness.  A caveat is that our son gets in bed with us a lot.  So, we keep our bottoms close in case of an uncomfortable situation.  Most of the time he gets in bed in the middle of the night and doesn't realize we are in the buff. We let him fall asleep there and move him to his room.  

Nude Weekend

A nudist resort over the weekend would be great, but if you're like us you like to go and do more active things.  You don't necessarily have to do a nudist adventure to have a nude weekend.  We have rented cabins in state parks or hotels in big cities.  We have one rule. You're only allowed to be dressed for 5 minutes in your room.  One of the best trips we've done is rent a cabin just the two of us together.  We spent the evenings and mornings nude.  We walk and sit outside.  One place had a hot tub.  We also put our clothes on and went for some long hikes.  It was a great way to get back to nature.  Now, when we found a swimming hole, we did strip down for a few minutes and enjoy it like nature intended.  We were nervous, we had to look out to make sure no one was coming.  But we did it.  It was fun and got some good pictures (that go in the hidden files on my iPhone).  


Get a Nudist Hobby

This was a tough one to expand on because when you have kids and a job a nudist hobby is kind of tough to take on.  Having a blog and website definitely keeps us motivated to having naked adventures together.  The hobby forces you to set a side time together.  It brings out the natural form of nudism.  The nonsexual side of nudism.  Not that you are removing any sex, but you are more at peace and enjoy doing other things in the nude.  You can really only have sex for 11 minutes, ask Paulo Coelho.  Is that all you really want to be naked?  Of course not.  You could garden.  Something we've just done is join a nude group in a neighboring town.  They do events monthly.  We plan on getting a baby sitter for a few of the events to go meet some new people.  Whatever you do, don't just be a voyeur.  Participate.  Contribute.  Retweeting and reposting someone else's content is not authentic.  It's like watching a reality tv show.  Make your own reality.  Don't just live in someone else's world.

We hope this helps!  Any questions or any ideas, please send them our way.  Good luck living a nudie life in a textile world!

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